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Thermography Thermography Thermography Thermography

As a service of the Pacific Chiropractic and Research Center, we are dedicated to providing full body imaging using thermography as an aid in the care of your health.

  Safe, uses no radiation or intravenous access

Infrared Full Body Imaging offers you information that may improve your life!

We hope that this site serves to educate both the general public and health care providers as to the importance of clinical thermography in patient care.

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Disclaimer: Thermography is utilized as an adjunctive imaging procedure only and, as such, is not a replacement for or alternative to any other form of imaging. Since thermography only detects heat at the surface of the body, the technology cannot see into the cranial vault, thoracic or pelvic cavities, or deep into the body to visualize organs or bones. All thermography reports are meant to identify thermal emissions that suggest potential risk markers only and do not in any way suggest a diagnosis or treatment. Since a diagnosis cannot be made from an infrared image, thermal markers must be correlated by the patient's treating physician with additional testing and procedures before a final diagnosis can be made.

infrared image
Thermography Thermography

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